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Java Generic Interfaces

it is used to deal with abstract data types .This is implemented for different data types. Generic interfaces are specified just like generic classes. For example :

// T and X is type parameter
interface Fruit <T, X>{
    T name(T data );
    X getTest(X data);
    void  getDetails(T data ,X test);

public class Program2
    public static void main(String[] args) {
          // Now I can instantiate that interface, but since we don't have default implementations for those methods, it'll need
   // an implementation when we instantiate it:
   Fruit<String, String> o1  = new Fruit<String,String>(){
    public String name(String data) {
        return data;
    public String getTest(String data) {
        return data;
    public void getDetails(String data, String test) {
        System.out.println(data + " is " + test );
    System.out.println("Orange")); // Orange
    System.out.println(o1.getTest("Great Test")); //Great Test
    o1.getDetails("Orange", "sour"); // Orange is sour


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