You are currently viewing Android 15 developer preview one is now available: New Features Unveiled!
The first Android 15 developer preview is available. (Image: Google)

Android 15 developer preview one is now available: New Features Unveiled!

The first developer preview of Android 15 is now available. With features like  improved camera controls for creators, file integrity protection, new privacy sandbox controls, and more. Here are the key features:

Privacy and Security:

  • Partial screen sharing: Share only a specific app window instead of your entire screen for more controlled screen recording or presentations.
  • Improved file integrity protection: Android 15’s FileIntegrityManager includes new APIs that tap into the power of the fs-verity feature in the Linux kernel. With fs-verity, files can be secured with unique cryptographic signatures using fs-verity, allowing you to be sure they haven’t been altered or damaged. Enhanced protection against unauthorized modifications to critical system files
  • In-app camera controls: Android 15 introduces enhanced in-app camera controls, unlocking some exciting features. Apps can now fine-tune low-light enhancements, boosting brightness for vibrant pictures even in challenging lighting conditions. Developers gain access to advanced flash strength adjustments, allowing for precise control over both single and torch modes, for subtle illumination instead of harsh blasts.

Performance and Power Management:

The New Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF): Provides games and resource-intensive apps more control over system resources like CPU and GPU, potentially improving performance and battery life.

Other Features:

  • Expanded Health Connect API: Facilitates easier data sharing between fitness and health apps, offering a more comprehensive view of your health and wellness.
  • App pair shortcuts (potential): Create shortcuts for frequently used app combinations on your home screen for quicker multitasking.
  • Native app archiver (potential): Allow app stores to partially remove unused portions of apps, saving storage space on your device.

It’s important to remember that these are preliminary features in a developer preview, and their final form or availability might change before the official release.

Get Android 15

Android 15 is still in the developer preview stage. This means it’s not yet ready for the general public and has features or bugs that could impact normal use. You can get Android 15 in any of the following ways:

  • Install Developer Preview on a Google Pixel: If you have a supported Google Pixel device and are comfortable with technical procedures, you can install the Developer Preview by flashing the system image manually or joining the Android Preview Program. However, it’s not recommended for daily use due to potential instability and bugs.
  • Set up the Android Emulator: You can use the Android Emulator within Android Studio to test Android 15 features without flashing your device.

Which devices are compatible with this update?

With Android 15, Google has continued to exclusively distribute early developer previews on its own devices. Android 15 is now available for download on the following Google Pixel tablets and phones:

  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7 and 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet
  • Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

When is the Android 15 stable release schedule?

While there’s no official set date yet, here’s what we know about the Android 15 stable release schedule:


  • Developer Previews: Currently ongoing, started in February 2024, with additional preview releases expected in March.
  • Beta Program: Starts in April 2024, open to early adopters for testing and feedback.
  • Platform Stability: Reached with Beta 3, expected in June 2024, signifying final APIs and app behavior.
  • Final Release: Scheduled for later in 2024, likely between August and October based on industry estimates.
The exact release date has not yet been officially announced.  (Image: Google)

For complete information, visit the Android 15 developer site.