Kotlin Standard Delegates

Standard delegates are powerful features provided by the language to simplify property management. The main standard delegates are lazy, observable, and vetoable and notNull. Each serves a distinct purpose, helping…

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Kotlin Delegation

Kotlin delegation is a design pattern where one object delegates certain responsibilities or behaviors to another object. This pattern is supported directly by the Kotlin language through the use of…

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Kotlin Null Safety

Null safety is a programming concept that aims to prevent unexpected NullPointerExceptions in your code. In Kotlin, null safety is enforced by the type system, which means you must explicitly…

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Sealed Interface

A sealed interface restricts which classes or objects can implement it. Only the classes or objects that are defined within the same file (or in the same scope) as the…

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Kotlin String

What is String in kotlin? In Kotlin, strings are represented by the String class, which is immutable. This means that once a String object is created, its value cannot be…

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Kotlin Object Expression

Object expressions in Kotlin allow you to create anonymous objects, which are instances of unnamed classes, directly in your code. These objects can be used to implement interfaces, extend classes,…


Kotlin Sealed Class

What are sealed classes? A Sealed class is a class that restricts the inheritance hierarchy by allowing a fixed set of subclasses. All the subclasses must be declared within the…


Kotlin Companion object

A companion object is a special type of object declaration that is tied to the Class. It's similar to static members in other languages, but it can also implement interfaces,…


Kotlin Inline Value Class

What are Inline Classes? An inline class is a special type of class that is designed to wrap a single value and is optimized by the compiler to avoid creating…

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Kotlin Data class

What is a data class in Kotlin? A data class is a special type of class that is primarily used to represent data or hold data. Kotlin compile automatically generates…